• Approved By Keepers
  • Glove Fitting Appointments Available
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  • Approved By Keepers
  • Glove Fitting Appointments Available
  • Same Day Delivery Available (Limited Locations)

How To Care For Your Gloves !!


To get the maximum grip and life from your goalkeeper gloves you should take the following steps:

  • Before using your new gloves for the first time pre-wash them and dry naturally in accordance with the washing instructions below. This will ensure you get the maximum grip when in use.
  • During use damp the palms of the gloves with water in order to get the best possible grip and durability from the latex palm.
  • After use, before doing anything ensure you wash them and leave to dry naturally - leaving latex to dry out will make it brittle, affecting durability and grip.


To get the most from your goalkeeper gloves wash immediately after use in warm water (maximum of 30 degrees C) before allowing to dry naturally, do not use a washing machine. We would advise simply washing them by hand and not using any form of "scrubber".

Do not dry the gloves...

  • on a radiator
  • in front of a fire
  • in a tumble dryer
  • using a hair dryer
  • using an iron
  • using an airing cupboard
  • in direct sunlight
  • by "wringing" them out

All of the above can cause the gloves to lose natural moisture turning them dry and brittle.


  • When picking yourself up from the ground in training or non-competitive environments, try not to use your palms. Instead use your fists to push yourself back up, this ensures minimal palm/latex contact with the ground and helps avoid any unnecessary abrasion - particularly on dry or 3G turf. Using your palm will help you spring back up quicker, but you can minimise wear during non-game situations using the fist method above.
  • Wash your gloves after every game as soon as you can.
  • When drying try rolling up a newspaper and placing this inside the glove. This will help keep the glove "open" and absorb any excess water. You could also help dry them by applying pressure with a towel before leaving to air naturally.
  • Pick the right latex for your requirements: if you are playing on artificial or very dry surface then you may want to opt for a glove that uses a latex with more durability such as "Giga Grip" latex. If you are playing in wet conditions then you may prefer a latex that is specifically made for such weather such as our "Aqua" latex.
  • Do not leave the palms touching each other when stored away.
  • Store your gloves properly; store them in a cool and reasonably moist environment. You do not want the area or your gloves to be wet however as this can cause bacteria and mold to grow which can damage the gloves. Allowing a glove to completely dry out and be left for long periods will cause latex to become dry and brittle. We recommend allowing them to dry overnight naturally before being placed in a glove wallet.
  • Do not store your gloves for any length of time without having washed them first.